Business Disputes


There are four primary ways to resolve your business dispute, whether it involves your customers, partners, employees or vendors.

Each method has legal and cost implications.

Method one — Legal consultation toward direct negotiation

Many disputes can be resolved through communication and negotiation, which can help reduce costs, delays and legal action. Direct negotiation is often the most cost-effective means of resolving disputes. However, direct negotiation is not always the easiest method without consultation and preparation. If you want to maintain a thriving relationship with the other party going forward, we encourage you to consult with us before attempting a direct negotiation.

Method two — Mediation

Conflicts regarding business transactions that cannot be resolved through direct negotiation may achieve resolution through mediation. In mediation, a neutral third party (often a retired judicial officer) agreed upon by both parties directs negotiations toward a healthy, mutually-beneficial solution. The Law Offices of Marcia E. Depew, PLC is experienced in mediation representation.

Method three — Arbitration

Arbitration, like mediation, is a form of alternative dispute resolution. In arbitration, a neutral third party functions as the arbitrator, listening to both parties and then making a decision. In this formal setting both parties agree in advance that the decision is legally binding. Our success as arbitrators has been a result of our ability to accurately ascertain facts, identify the foundation of the dispute and offer fair, mutually-beneficial resolutions.

Method four— Litigation

When the parties are unable to resolve disputes directly or when one or both parties cannot agree to an alternative dispute resolution, our attorneys are fully experienced and skilled in tort law and litigation. In litigation, the case goes to court where a judge rules on the appropriate actions for both parties to take to resolve their dispute.

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