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Most, if not all, companies require the use of written contracts to properly transact business with vendors, employees and customers. A contract creates a legal obligation between two parties. It is vital that a company’s contracts be properly drafted to protect the business owner’s rights. A well-drafted contract will establish clear obligations for both parties. At The Law Offices of Marcia E. Depew, PLC we are dedicated to your business’s success. Before we draft or review any contract we learn about your product, service, market, industry and objectives. Then we work to draft contracts that will foster the growth and productivity of your business.



Our attorneys draft, review and enforce a wide range of business-related contracts including, but not limited to:

Customer agreements
Partnership agreements
Vendor contracts
Sales or purchase of goods
Employee confidentiality agreements
Letters of intent
Non-disclosure agreements


Ambiguity in a contract can lead to confusion, miscommunication, disputes and ultimately, litigation. At The Law Offices of Marcia E. Depew, PLC, we strive to protect your interests in the event of a dispute by ensuring that your contract contains jurisdiction, dispute resolution and attorney’s fee clauses. If a dispute arises or litigation becomes necessary, your company will appear in a local court, which improves the likelihood that you will be able to recoup your attorney’s fees when you are successful in court.

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