Practice Areas

The Law Offices of Marcia E. Depew is a small business law firm focused on protecting the intellectual

property rights and the business interests of our clients.

Our four main practice areas include:

Intellectual Property Protection

When wishing to protect intellectual property, it is important to understand whether you should file for a patent, trademark or a copyright. All three are types of intellectual property, yet each protects something very specific. A patent protects an invention, while a trademark typically protects brand names and logos used to identify goods or services. A copyright protects original artistic or literary works, among others. Our attorneys can help you understand your intellectual property rights and assist you with all of your trademark and copyright needs. Please Click Here to learn more about intellectual property protection.

Business Contract Services

Business contracts and legal agreements are the basis of all business operations. From the moment you start your new business, your business contracts can either smooth the path toward business success or expose your company’s liabilities and lead to possible disputes, including litigation. Carefully-drafted contracts and agreements are critical to your company’s profitability and sustained growth. Our attorneys can assist with all your contract and agreement needs, helping you run your business effectively and efficiently. To find out more about our contract services, Click Here.

Business Entity Formation

When you decide to establish a small business, one of your first decisions is to determine what type of business entity you want to be: sole proprietor, general partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company, corporation or non-profit. Each type of entity has legal and tax obligations and structures associated with it. Before you decide which to choose, you should consult with a business lawyer familiar with the laws governing your place of residence. Our attorneys can assist you in selecting the appropriate business entity choice for your circumstances.  Click Here for more information.

Business Disputes

Using our business experience, sound judgment and old-fashioned common sense, The Law Offices of Marcia E. Depew, PLC, negotiates business disputes in a reasonable, no-nonsense, professional manner. While we frequently utilize alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration, we are also experienced litigators. When litigation becomes necessary, we make certain you are fully prepared, helping you to understand the other party’s claims, as well your rights and your best arguments. We will work with you and for you, to ensure a fair and adequate resolution to your business dispute. Our attorneys can assist you when any business dispute arises. Click Here for more information.


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